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Measure O — Local Funding for Safe and Modern Schools


Burlingame’s elementary and intermediate schools are among the best in the Bay Area and State, yet many of our school facilities are aging and in need of repair. Many classrooms and school facilities at our campuses — some of which are over 100 years old — contain dry rot, have leaky roofs and rely on outdated plumbing and electrical systems. Phase I school improvements have already been completed and we are proud of the progress, but additional repairs are needed.
To address these needs in our schools, Burlingame voters approved Measure O, a $97 million local school facilities bond measure, on the March 3, 2020 ballot. Measure O provides locally controlled funding for identified priority improvements for our schools, which include:
  • Repairing or replacing outdated classrooms and labs to support 21st-century education
  • Removing dry rot, lead and asbestos
  • Protecting student and staff safety, including installing security cameras
  • Fixing leaky roofs
  • Replacing aging and inefficient plumbing and electrical systems

Strict Fiscal Accountability Requirements Built into Measure O:

  • Legally, all funds must directly benefit Burlingame School District schools and nothing can be taken by the State
  • Independent citizens’ oversight and annual independent audits to ensure funds are used as intended
  • A project list detailing the exact use of funds
  • Funds cannot be used to pay administrators’ salaries or benefits
  • The cost for property owners is approximately $25 per $100,000 of assessed (not market) value per year

Bond Facilities Program Manager

For more information about Measure O, please contact the District's Facilities Program Manager:
Richard Terrones
Dreiling Terrones Architecture
(650) 696-1200