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Inter/Intra District Transfer

Inter and Intra district transfer Forms:


Intra - meaning the student lives in Burlingame and would like to transfer schools within the district. Please note "applications for intradistrict open enrollment shall be submitted between May 1 - May 30 of the school year before". 

See corresponding Board Policy 5116.1

Download intra district form here


Inter - meaning the student does not live in Burlingame but would like to attend a BSD school. Please note, this specific transfer process also requires a release from your home school. We will not process transfers without a confirmed release. 

See corresponding Board Policy 5117.

Download inter-district transfer form here.


Release - meaning the student lives in Burlingame but would like to attend a school outside of Burlingame.

Download release form here


Affidavit - Affidavit of Parent Residence.  To be completed if residency cannot be provided due to the fact that the parent and child(ren) are sharing a home with another person.

Download Affidavit form here.