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Summer Programming


The Burlingame School District is coordinating and hosting a variety of programs to serve the diverse needs of our student population.  Use the blue dropdown menus below to explore information regarding each program.

 Burlingame Summer Academy









The Burlingame Summer Academy will take place July 11th - August 5th, 2022 at Roosevelt Elementary School (incoming 1st-8th).  The program will include a variety of activities that reinforce important academic concepts covered during the 2021/2022 school year, and will also integrate social-emotional activities throughout the day in collaboration with mental health/behavioral support staff.  All classes will be taught by our Burlingame School District staff and class sizes will be kept as small as possible.

  • General registration is now accepting applications, deadline to apply is June 15th. Please use the link below.


    • All cancellations must be made prior to June 1st, any cancellations after June 1st will only receive a partial refund.

  • Program sessions are offered as follows:

    • Morning Program- 8:30-11:30am ($500)

    • Afternoon Program- 12:30-3:30pm ($500)

    • Full Day Program- 8:30am-3:30pm ($1050)

Step Up to Kindergarten will take place July 5th - August 5th, 2022 at Roosevelt Elementary School, 8:30am-11:30am.  This program is offered to incoming TK and Kindergarten students who have not attended formal preschool prior to Kindergarten Enrollment.  Program content focuses on social-emotional, behavioral, and academic Kindergarten readiness skills.  Invitations to this program will be sent out in April 2022.


Extended School Year (ESY) 2022 will be taking place at Roosevelt Elementary, June 20, 2022 - July 15, 2022, with Juneteenth and July 5, 2022, observed as a holiday. ESY services are provided to eligible special education students who have demonstrated the following:

  1. a) regression of skills during an extended school break
  2. b) limited ability to benefit from re-teaching of skills after an extended school break. Regression Loss of previously attained skills documented by a review of the IEP goals, due to an extended school break.  

ESY programs and services assist the student in working toward the same goals and objectives that the student works on during the school year.If you have questions regarding your child's eligibility for ESY, or your child's ESY services, please contact your IEP case manager directly.


  • Key questions to review with the IEP team

    •  Eligibility for ESY is an IEP team decision.  The following questions are utilized as a guide for IEP teams to collaboratively determine eligibility for ESY:

      • At the start of the school year, with a review period equal to that of general education students, was the student unable to regain skills lost over the break that would otherwise be expected in view of the student’s disabling condition?

      • Does this student display a loss of previously taught skills and an inability to regain those skills following interruptions in instruction during the regular school year, i.e., Thanksgiving break, Winter Break, and Spring Break?

      • Is the current student at a crucial stage in learning a skill(s), such that an interruption in school program might cause loss of a skill(s) that the student would not be able to re-learn in a reasonable period of time in view of the student’s disabling condition?

      • Is the student able to maintain the skills identified without Extended School Year?

      • Does the student require ESY to continue to achieve at the level of independence that is expected in view of the student’s disabling condition?

Camp School site # of weeks Dates Website
AIW MES 4 Weeks 6-27-22 to 7-22-22
Avid 4 Adventure BIS 8 Weeks 6-20-22 to 8-12-22
BSD Summer programs RES 4 weeks 7-11-2022 to 8-5-2022  
Chabad MES 5 Weeks 6-27-22 to 7-29-22
Champions FES & WES   -
EDMO FES 6 Weeks 6-27-22 to 8-5-22
Galileo Franklin, Wash 7 Weeks 6-27-22 to 8-12-22
Kidizens LES & WES 5 Weeks
6-27-22 to 8-5-22
Kidz to Pros/ Steam Dojo LES 6 Weeks 6-27-22 to 8-5-22
Legarza Sports FES Field   -
Parks & Rec BIS   -
Tech Know How MES 6 Weeks 6-27-22 to 8-5-22


  • BSD families whose income is less than $125,000/year can apply for a scholarship to the Burlingame Summer Academy and/or Camp Galileo by sending a proof of income statement to 
    • Proof of income can include the following:
      • Parent paystub (both parent paystubs required for two parent households)
      • W-9 Tax form 
    • Total household income, district data and program capacity (availability of staff) will be taken into consideration to prioritize scholarship recipients

During summer, BSD students are able to access learning apps used during the previous academic year, with some exceptions: 

  • Apps whose use is dependent on teacher interaction and facilitation
  • Apps that are being eliminated and not renewed for continuing use

BSD students can continue to log in the same way they did during the school year: 

  • Using a Clever badge/QR code
  • Logging in with their BSD Google account credentials

Available apps

Many popular apps will be available during the summer. See the initial list below. This list will be updated as apps are certified as available. 

Elementary level

  • iReady
  • ST Math (Gr. 3-5)

Middle School

  • Newsela

All Levels

  • BrainPOP (including ELL and Jr. editions)
  • G-Suite apps
  • Sora by Overdrive