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Current Revised Policies

Burlingame School District reviews and revises board policies and administrative regulations on a regular basis. Due to the multi-step process with GAMUT Online, it takes a little time to have these newly revised policies uploaded. In order to provide our community with access to our most current policies, below are policies that were recently revised. All other policies may be viewed here.


BP 0450-Comprehensive Safety Plan CSBA-03-26-19

AR 0450-Comprehensive Safety Plan CSBA-03-26-19

BP 5031Mental Health Policy-CSBA-09-11-18

AR 5031 Mental Health-CSBA-02-12-19

BP 5144.1-Suspension and Expulsion-Due Process CSBA-01-15-19

AR 5144.1-Suspension and Explusion-Due Process CSBA-01-15-19

AR 5144.2-Suspension and Expulsion-Due Process (Students with Disabilities) CSBA-01-15-19

BP 6144-Controversial Issues CSBA-03-26-19

BP 6158-Independent Study CSBA-03-26-19

AR 6158-Independent Study CSBA-03-26-19

BP 6163.1-Library Media Centers CSBA-03-26-19

Mental Health Policy-CSBA-09-11-18