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Conditions for Making and Active Learning

For making to occur in a compelling and productive way, various conditions/types of support must be present. 

  • Tools, Materials/Supplies, Resources
  • Various spaces where making can effectively occur
  • Teacher practices supporting making and active learning
  • Organization and labeling
  • Storage and mobility solutions
  • Parent and volunteer support

And more...

A Themed Approach

Conditions for making benefit from an organizing approach using themes. These making themes can align with content and standards to create a productive context for learning. Here's an example: 

The making theme of Circuitry/Electronics could support learning using paper circuits. Students studying the ocean environment and tides could create a model of tidal cycles using paper circuitry and tide data to illuminate a representation of the coastal zone and the shifting of tide levels over time.

BSD uses maker themes as a way to help scaffold and organize the tools and elements we provide students for active learning through making. 

Students assembling rail rack