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BSD L3 Program Implementation

BSD's L3 Program has three main areas of focus, aligned with our funded grant proposals: 

• Provide extended learning opportunities to identified students being served. (Student Learning)

• Build system and teacher capacity through innovative and diversified approaches to professional learning. (Professional Learning)

• Engage parents and community members to increase support for student learning and growth. (Community Engagement)

These foci guide the design and implementation of program activities to achieve the goals and objectives of our grant. 

Student Learning

Identified students are served through our Play2Learn afterschool extended learning program. "P2L" provides opportunities to play, design and make games as a way to not only learn math, but develop language and literacy, collaboration skills, strategic and critical thinking, and creativity. 

Students drawing gameboards

BSD Game Carts

A fun, engaging approach to play and learning! Check them out! 

Professional Learning

BSD has launched two key programs to support teacher growth: 

KCI's EMPowered Math 4/5 

This extended learning cycle supports our cohort of ten gr. 4&5 teachers to explore new and varied approaches to engaging math learning. 

Teachers engaged in professional learning


Working with Digital Promise, one of our grant partners, BSD offers incentives for teachers to identify a micro-credential that would support their growth and lead to positive impacts for their students. Learning to earn a micro-credential is self-paced, recognizes existing teacher knowledge/expertise, and provides a flexible and compelling way for teachers to learn and grow. 

Parent & Community Engagement

Our L3 grant engages parents of students being served through Family Math/Game Nights, through sessions on accessing and using math learning resource to support their childrens' learning, and with volunteer opportunities to support activities (such as Math Monday game playing) that benefit a broad range of BSD learners.