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Facility Rental

Application and permit for use of facilities

The Board of Trustees recognizes that district facilities and grounds are a community resource and authorizes their use by community groups for purposes provided for in the Civic Center Act when such use does not interfere with school activities.  All school-related activities shall be given priority in the use of facilities and grounds under the Civic Center Act. Thereafter, the use shall be on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Superintendent or designee shall maintain procedures and regulations for the use of school facilities and grounds that: (Education Code 38133)

  • Aid, encourage, and assist groups desiring to use school facilities for approved activities
  • Preserve order in school buildings and on school grounds and protect school facilities, designating a person to supervise this task, if necessary
  • Ensure that the use of school facilities or grounds is not inconsistent with their use for school purposes and does not interfere with the regular conduct of school work​

Fees: The Board believes that the use of school facilities or grounds should not result in costs to the district. The Board shall charge according to facility use fee schedule to all groups granted facility use under the Civic Center Act.  Groups shall be charged fair rental value when using school facilities or grounds for entertainment or meetings where admission is charged or contributions solicited and net receipts are not to be expended for charitable purposes or for the welfare of the district's students. (Education Code 38134)

Questions?  Please contact the District Office at (650) 259-3800.

Facility Use Guidelines

District Regulation  District Field Regulations

  1. Use of all facilities is subject to prior administrative approval.
  2. All groups interested in renting the facilities are required to provide insurance and Hold-Harmless agreement prior to signing use agreement.
  3. Custodian fees will be charged where applicable.
  4. Groups selling food items must remove their own debris by providing garbage bags and placing debris in garbage area or a $60.00 charge will be levied.
  5. A flat, non-refundable fee ($300.00 for BIS; $150.00 for Elementary) will be assessed tor the use or the computer lab and/or Media Center (each) per course.  This will be credited for computer maintenance/repair/replacement expenses.
  6. No charge Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/Burlingame baseball or softball groups.   Non-Civic center group = $10.00 per hour.
  7. Computer labs used by BSD staff member for profit reasons= $27.60 per hour on weekdays/ $36.00 per hour on weekends.
  8. Summer rates - use "school days" plus time and a half custodial fees.
  9. Vehicle storage fees determined by School District Business Office.
  10. Fees for use of pianos, microphones, risers, stands, overheads, and screens to be determined at each site.
  11. A camp is defined as "an activity occurring for a minimum of six continuous hours per day during which there is no turnover of participants during the day or during a continuous session."
  12. Field Rules and Regulations:  NO FOOD or DRINK, except water.

The following and similar are STRICTLY PROHIBITED: illegal drugs, chewing gum, tobacco use, rockets, fireworks, use of stakes, firearms, vehicles, golf, cricket, archery, smoking, fires or barbecues, alcoholic beverages, sunflower seeds, skating or bicycling or other wheeled sports activities, model airplanes, climbing on roof or backstops.

Please note:  Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed on the field and surrounding areas.

Organized sports activities by permit only via Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department. Please help keep your fields in good condition for all to use.

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