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Emergency Broadcast Notification Drill ~ First Wednesday of Every Month During School Year
Posted 10/24/19

Starting this school year, BSD is conducting safety drills following the Big Five Protocol for Shelter in Place, Secure Campus, Lockdown/Barricade, and Evacuation.  All parent’s/guardian's cell phones have been added to the emergency system (SchoolMessenger) automatically. The district will be using the emergency system to send emergency texts to your cell phones. It is very important to keep your contact information updated.


Once a month there will be a scheduled drill where you will see an emergency text message, email and phone call.  This is to ensure all students, staff and emergency procedures work in case of a real emergency. Practice makes perfect, however, let’s all hope we do not have to use these procedures. This drill will take place the first Wednesday of every month during the school year with the exception of January, that drill will run on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 instead of January 1, 2020.