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Growing Active Learning in BSD

What is active learning and why is it valuable for our young learners? 

As an approach to and a mode of learning, active learning provides opportunities for learners to engage with relevant and authentic content. It provides opportunities for social and collaborative interactions, and requires learners to develop and apply critical thinking abilities. Active learning supports students to assume a greater share of responsibility for driving their own learning as they explore content. And contrasted with passive learning as a counterpoint, it promotes greater student engagement. 

Active learning in BSD occurs through the following approaches (and others): 

  • Student-driven inquiry using the Question Formulation Technique
  • Learner observation of and inquiry into scientific and natural phenomenon
  • Design challenges and project-based learning experiences
  • Making and engineering processes and practices
  • Open-ended tinkering and exploration

BSD educators continually strive to utilize active learning strategies and practices to increase the quality of student learning experiences and the quality of learning outcomes. 

Active learning with Sphero Robots