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Current Revised Policies

Burlingame School District reviews and revises board policies and administrative regulations on a regular basis. Due to the multi-step process with GAMUT Online, it takes a little time to have these newly revised policies uploaded. In order to provide our community with access to our most current policies, below are policies that were recently revised. All other Policies

BP 0460-LCAP

AR 0460-LCAP

BP 3515-Campus Security

AR 3515-Campus Security

AR 4030-Nondiscrimination In Employment

BP 4033-Lactation Accommodation

BP 4116-Probationary, Permanent Status

AR 4116-Probationary, Permanent Status

BP 4151, 4251, 4351-Employee Compensation

BP 4216-Probationary, Permanent

BP 4218-Dismissal, Suspension, Disciplinary Action

AR 4218-Dismissal, Suspension, Disciplinary Action

BP 5142-Safety

AR 5142-Safety

BP 6163.4-Student Use of Technology

E 6163.4-Student Use of Technology