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FALL Illuminate Student Assessment Portal Access

Welcome to the WINTER Illuminate Student Assessment Portal.  


Before you begin your assessment experience, please follow the steps listed below.


(1) Make sure you have your student ID ready (a 6-digit number, you can get this information from your teacher)

(2) Make sure you have the assessment access code ready (also you can get this from your teacher)

(3) Please note, assessments are only open during school hours and for grades 6-8, your teacher will provide you a passcode to sign in.  

(4) The assessment window is open from MARCH 1 - MARCH 8, 2018


Grade Level/Assessment Name Assessment Link
Grade 3: ELA Inspect Assessment PINK   Gr. 3  PINK
Grade 3: Spanish LA Inspect Assessment PINK  Gr. 3 Spanish PINK
Grade 4: ELA Inspect Assessment GREEN  Gr. 4 GREEN
Grade 4: Spanish LA Inspect Assessment GREEN  Gr. 4 Spanish GREEN
Grade 5: ELA Inspect Assessment GREEN  Gr. 5 GREEN
Grade 5: Spanish LA Inspect Assessment GREEN  Gr. 5 Spanish GREEN

Grade 6: ELA Inspect Assessment


Grade 7: ELA Inspect Assessment


Grade 8: ELA Inspect Assessment



Teacher Notes: Scoring Constructed Response Questions