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Gifted and Talented (GATE)

What is “Schoolwide Enrichment Model” (SEM) at BSD?

Burlingame School District recognizes that ALL students have unique characteristics, educational needs and social/emotional needs.  A Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) provides children with an opportunity to demonstrate highly advanced skills in language arts and/or mathematics through a variety of learning modalities.

BSD does not offer separate GATE services; rather the needs of all students are met through differentiated instruction. This is accomplished in terms of content, process, and product by teachers who are trained to make accommodations in pace, delivery, depth, and breadth in order to match a student’s readiness, interests, and learning styles, and maximize student potential.

SEM provides the opportunity for all students to develop their gifts and talents and to engage in a passion and joy for lifelong learning, culminating in higher levels of creative and innovative productive work in their areas of interest, as they move toward high school and beyond. It also encourages the development of research skills and real-world products as learning outcomes. Students are encouraged to become self-motivated, lifelong learners who are equipped to initiate, engage in, and reflect upon independent and group learning. This is done through various teaching methodologies including, Centers, Leveled Grouping/Clustering, Project Based Learning, and Reader/Writer’s Workshop. The social and emotional well-being of students is also addressed, through multi-tiered supports such as Social-Emotional curriculum, Service Learning, Social Skills training, and Individualized social-emotional support.